Fur Crying Out Loud // A Movement for Animals

Being a voice for animals is one of our biggest passions so we were honored to be a part of Big Love Ball's Fur Crying Out Loud Movement.  We were lucky enough to sit next to 15 other Vancouver based babes that are advocating for animals... Read more about the movement below...

"Fur Crying Out Loud is an expression of exasperation towards the ongoing senseless mistreatment and neglect of animals.  

Big Love Ball has created a T-shirt to deliver a straightforward message – be as good to our non-human friends as they have been to us.

Our animals are our family. Asking nothing in return, they shove their wet noses into the palms of our hands when we don’t even know we want them to. They intuit how we are managing emotionally and watch over our loved ones as life sprints along. They put up with our bad driving, silly holiday traditions, histrionic pet voices and foolish attire (sometimes involving chin straps).

On a recent cold November afternoon, Big Love Ball invited 15 ambitious animal lovers to sit for a photo in an abandoned brick depot to launch Fur Crying Out Loud. Wearing T-shirts and holding furbabies in lieu of handbags, these local leaders took the time to stand shoulder to shoulder with one united voice. This group consists of confident influencers who all support rescue, adoption and ethical treatment of animals. They chatter about what matters. If one small phrase paws its way into our psyche, this is a start."

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