Happy Spritz is a collection of luxe + modern essential oil products created for both men + women. We combine the functionality
and simplicity behind essential oils with a modern and minimal design aesthetic to appeal to the more progressive green beauty
consumer. We believe that truly natural, cruelty free and non-toxic products should be available to everyone
and we hope you join us in this movement. 

+ 100% natural ingredients


+ Plant based, high quality, steam distilled therapeutic grade essential oils

+ 100% vegan + kosher ingredients 

+ Recyclable packaging - we always package in glass, never plastic, which helps   preserve the oils + ingredients

+ Many certified organic ingredients  

- No alcohol, parabens, chemicals, synthetic preservatives, SLS, phthalates

- No artificial colors, dyes, ingredients or fillers

- Cruelty Free: No animal ingredients (100% Vegan) + no animal testing






Happy Spritz is owned and operated by husband and wife team Bram + Michelle Hutchinson.  Every product offered, from the
design and branding to the blend recipes were all created by the couple.


Happy Spritz was originally launched in 2014 in Vancouver, BC while Bram + Michelle were working abroad in the fashion
industry. They decided to bring their company to the US in 2015 and set up their studio in sunny San Clemente, California.  

After years of researching and personally using essential oils in their everyday lives, they started creating their own functional
essential oil sprays to use throughout the day and gave them each catchy names and clean, simplistic scent combinations. 
There wasn't anything else like it on the market, so Michelle used her background in graphic design to create the branding behind
what would become Happy Spritz.

Animal rescue + welfare is a cause that is very important to both Bram + Michelle. They wanted to create a socially
responsible company that would pay it forward and make a difference in animal welfare.  Having rescued many animals starting
at a young age, Michelle came to realize the huge problem that currently exists with the overpopulation of animals in high kill
shelters across the United States. They made a commitment that a portion of Happy Spritz proceeds will go help animal rescue
organization and welfare efforts and you can read more about our efforts + mission on our GIVING page.