Flare Magazine // Scents Appeal feat. Happy Spritz


We were so honored to be included in Flare Magazine's April issue, highlighting our best selling, Essentials Trio.  Our Essentials Trio is the perfect combo of facial spritz to get you through the day, from morning to night.

Wake up each morning with an energizing and uplifting spritz of Good Morning Beautiful.  This organic citrus blend is like a big glass of orange juice, without the added sugar.

Breathe Deeply is an invigorating blend of Peppermint + Eucalyptus.  It is great in between workouts, mid day meetings or whenever you are needing that extra boost.  This blend is soothing and 1-3 spritz on your face will have you feeling the cooling effects of this essential oil blend.

End your day with a relaxing spritz of Sweet Dreams Darling.  This lavender + chamomile combo with help clear your mind + ease the effects any stressful day, leaving you with nothing but sweet dreams.

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