1. FOUND MY ANIMAL - This Brooklyn based company gives back to Animal Rescue in a big way with their utilitarian and stylish assortment of handmade roped dog leashes. They help promote the #AdoptDontShop mantra and have a list of adoptable dogs on their website.  We are just in love with this company! Learn about their efforts and shop the ORANGE RESUCE DOG LEASH $54.00


2. HAPPY SPRITZ - Our BE HAPPY MINI BOX SET is new to the 2016 holiday season and is the perfect essential oil assortment to take traveling.  It includes a selection of our Best Selling Spritz that was created for both guys and gals and designed to take you through your day from morning to night. If you didn't know, we passionately give a portion of our proceeds to rescue efforts and organizations across the US and Canada. You can learn more and read about our efforts on our GIVING page and SHOP The Be Happy Mini Box Set $58.00


3. TOMS - Most people are well aware by now that TOMS gives back with their One for One program but a lot of people still don't know that they have expanded their philanthropic efforts and carry both sunglasses and eyeglasses that also give back. When you purchase Toms eyewear it goes to help restore sight to individuals, eye glasses or other treatments needed. Shop Bellevue Blonde Tortoise Mirrors $98.00


4. THE GIVING KEYS - The Giving Keys exists to employ those transitioning out of homelessness in Los Angeles to make key necklaces and other jewelry out of repurposed keys.  Each key is unique and has a simple word stamped on the front, like STRENGTH, LOVE, HOPE, LIVE etc. The idea is that you embrace your word and then pass it on to someone else who needs it when you are done.  Shop the Classic Giving Key $42.00


5. FOUND MY ANIMAL -  Another item that we just LOVE from Found My Animal is this gold BFF charm which would be perfect to put one half on a dogs collar and the other half for the dog lover.  Shop the Found Best Friend Charm $18.00


6. SYDNEY HALE CO. -  Is a candle company that supports animal rescue and sponsors a different shelter dog each month.  Can you tell we have a soft spot for companies that pay it forward to animal rescue? We like their Crazy Pound Pup Matchboxes $5.00 & Coconut Milk & Vetiver Candle $30.00


7. KROCHET KIDS -¬†ÔĽŅThis LA based company apparel & accessories company that is commited to make an impact on the world.¬†Krochet Kids works with highly vulnerable women who live in poverty stricken regions of the world and their¬†program empowers them¬†with the resources to rise above. They provide the women with jobs, education and mentorship. ¬†Shop their Pike Weekender Bag $125


8. COEXIST COFFEE -  Coexist Coffee is grown by a Ugandan fair trade cooperative, Peace Kawomera and profits go directly to providing children from communities in conflict access to schools. By buying direct trade products, you help create livelihoods and economic independence. Get a taste of their Peacemaker Roast $12.99


9. GOOD HYOUMAN -  We just LOVE this LA based clothing line that has such a cool story behind each piece and quote that they include in their collection. All of the messaging is positive and the work hard to give back to the community.  Shop Their Collection


10. GRATITUDE COLLABORTIVE - This is seriously the BEST gift option for those people who are impossible to shop for and you will feel good that your purchase is helping provide meals for those in need, and so far they have provided over 17,000 meals!  Gratitude Collab is a California based gifting boutique that have a different gift box for everyone on your list, plus there is even one that includes Happy Spritz in it!  We love their For The Dude giftbox - $125.00, because let's face it guys are tough to shop for and they made it easy on us!

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