This is one of those topics that's hard to talk about, it's something so horrific that its difficult to imagine that it's really happening in OUR world, TODAY.  We're talking about the Yulin Dog Eating Festival that is happening this Sunday, June 21st on the outskirts of Yulin, China.  

It is estimated that 10,000 + dogs/cats, many being stolen family pets (with their collars still on), are transported under terrible conditions to slaughter houses where they are tortured, skinned and boiled alive.  We saw the photos circulating on instagram + twitter and once you see something like that you cannot simply keep scrolling and go about your day, pretending that you didn't see it.

Having only a couple of days to take action, we went into overdrive, sharing this horrific story across all of our channels, waiting for an update that this event has be cancelled, but sadly it hasn't and there's only a few days left that we can all make a difference.  

There's currently protests happening around China with different animal rescue organizations stepping in to try to stop this from happening.  Incredibly brave volunteers are stopping trucks crammed with cages of stolen dogs, trying to buy the dogs from the drivers and back into safety, protesting the streets and spreading awareness.  

Please do the research yourself, do not just ignore this problem, we all have a voice and can make a different for those who do not have one.  Please sign this petition on 

We made a donation to The Humane Society International that will go directly to efforts in fighting the dog meat trade and if you have anything to spare I would encourage you to skip your afternoon iced latte and donate that to this cause, every little bit helps.  

Petitions to Sign:

Humaine Society

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