The Benefits of Pine Essential Oil

Benefits of Pine Essential Oil

Scent is one of the most powerful senses that we have! It can transport your mind to a nostalgic time and place in your past instantly.

For me, the smell of pine immediately brings me back to the mountains of Montana, where I grew up.  For many people pine reminds them of the holidays and bringing home your freshly cut Christmas tree.  

Well, there is a lot more to Pine than it's bold, woodsy smell... Read on!

Benefits of Pine Essential Oil

Benefits of Pine Essential Oil:

• Amazing for your skin 
• Antibacterial + Antiseptic - fighting germs in your home + on your body
• Stimulating + Energizing
• Purifying

We have created the perfect blend to make it easy for you!  It's our seasonal blend Feeling Mighty Pine and it will only be available for a limited time, during the holidays.

Feeling Mighty Pine is a powerful blend of Pine and other 100% pure essential oils that you can use on your face + body.  You can also pick up a bottle of therapeutic grade pine essential oil at a local heath food store.  Use around your home in the defuser or drop 15 drops into a warm bath + enjoy!


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