Happy Spritz 2016 Giving Update

The power of people combining forces around passion + hope can lead to a life altering path for an animal and that is where we love to step in...

One of the best things to come out of social media has been the voice that it provides for so many worthy causes, movements and non-profit groups.  The impact that one can make with very little is pretty astounding and very rewarding!  

As most of you know, Happy Spritz donates a portion of our proceeds to different animal rescue groups and one way we have been getting involved in 2016 is by pledging to help save urgently listed dogs that are at high kill California based shelters.   

• read our blog about The Power of Pledging •

 If you want to get involved here's what you can do...

STEPS TO HELP SAVE A DOG IN NEED: 1.  Follow LAadopt on Instagram - this is one amazing lady named Yoko, an animal advocate that posts urgent requests for pledges and fosters that are needed to help save dogs that are at serious risk and running out of time.

2.  LAadopt posts stories and photos daily and if you want to get involved comment in the post with the amount you want to donate -$5, $10, $20 goes a long way at it all adds up!

3.  The higher the pledge amount the more likely it will be that a rescue group steps in and saves the dog!  I am sure you are asking, why doesn't someone just step in and rescue the dog themselves?  Well, there's unfortunately a lot of politics in the government run shelter system and sometimes dogs are listed as RESCUE ONLY which means only a registered rescue in that specific area can save the dog.  It's so sad it has to be this way, but we are all working together to help change this!  

4.  When the dog is rescued, you will be tagged in the photo asking to honor your pledge amount.  You can mail a check or send a paypal payment to the rescue groups email. 

5. Final Step- Pat yourself on the back, you just helped save an animal!  

We wanted to give you a snap shot of a handful of the dogs that our pledges helped saved in the last couple of months!   

If you know of any other animal advocates asking for pledges on Instagram please let us know by commenting in this post.  We would love to know! 


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