Giving back to animal rescue is not only a big part of our company mission but it's also one of our biggest passions!

We were able to donate to over 23 different rescue organizations in 2016 alone thanks to your support throughout the year. Social media has really paid an important role in raising awareness for rescue animals, organizations and for the urgent need to help animals stuck in high kill shelters across the country. 

We often get asked how one can personal help save an animal. One very simple way we love to help is by following a handful of different activists and groups who champion for dogs that are quickly running out of time at high kill shelters.

They post urgent messages, pictures and videos with the animal's story to their Instagram accounts and that alone generates thousands of interactions and shares. Through the comments section on these posts people pledge dollar amounts, ranging from $5 to $300. The more people who pledge give the animal a better chance of getting rescued because it costs rescue groups a lot of money to save a lot of the dogs that need saving. Many of them have pricy medical issues that need to be addressed so these pledges often times cover those costs. - Check out the activist LaAdopt on Instagram to take action + start pledging- 

Once a rescue group sees the pledges and interest from the general public they will go to the high kill shelter and save the dog, it is then up to everyone who pledged to honor their amount by sending the rescue money via Paypal or through their website. It's very rewarding knowing that you had a little part in saving an animal from being euthanized. 

Another really fun way you can help rescue groups out is to shop their Amazon Wishlist for daily supplies they need to run their organization. We randomly picked a handful of different groups and then went shopping around Christmas time to surprise them with boxes of goods. We felt like Santa for a minute and it felt great knowing these supplies would help so many dogs! You can search different rescues by GOING HERE and searching the word 'animal rescue', or if you have an organization in mind you can search directly for them by entering their name into the search bar.

In 2016 we also picked 4 special rescue groups in the US and in Canada to donate to and we would love to share a little bit of info about each one. 

LoveLeo - Los Angeles, California
This group has been on our radar for a couple of years and they are up to such amazing things. The founder was a successful lawyer who quit her job to save animals and start a rescue... amazing, right?! They go around to different high kill shelters in the LA and OC area and often save dogs with big problems and little hope.
• Follow them on Instagram here •

Muttville - San Francisco, California
We are obsessed with this group! Muttville focuses on rescuing senior dogs (7+ years) from high kill shelters around the Bay area. Seniors are usually the first to be added to the euthanization list, all because of their age and not health. The founder, Sherri was also nominated this year for a CNN Hero Award!
• Follow them on Instagram here •

SAINTS Rescue - Vancouver, BC
SAINTS Rescue is an end-of-life sanctuary for senior and special needs animals that have nowhere else to go. They provide a special place for animals to be loved,
cherished, and receive proper medical care for the rest of their days. Seriously, how amazing are they?! We sponsored Keets who was rescued from living his entire life chained up neglected in a backyard, rain, snow or shine. He was never given any attention or affection and was never allowed to come inside so he is now learning how to be a dog. SAINTS also has rescued horses, goats, sheep, cats, cows and a pig named Brad Pitt AND they give tours of their sanctuary on the weekends. Sign us up!
• Follow them on Instagram here •

Frosted Faces - San Diego, CA
This is another rescue that focuses on saving senior animals in Southern California where they have a massive problem with the overpopulation of animals in city ran shelters. Frosted Faces is 
dedicated to delivering solutions to fulfill the promise of family and adequate veterinary care for senior animals whose love and lives are in jeopardy. They post some ridiculous cute pictures on Instagram!
• Follow them on Instagram here •



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