The Power of Pledges | Animal Rescue


Pledges are a great way to help out if you are not in the position to physically foster or adopt a dog or cat. Many rescue organizations will post Code Red/Urgent lists/pictures on Instagram + other social media channels. These animals listed as #Urgent or #CodeRed mean that they usually need to be rescued within 24 hours, or they will be euthanized. Once you pledge by commenting on the post, once the animal is rescued you honor your pledge by sending the group a venmo or paypal for the amount that you pledged. 

••• Individuals will start "Pledging" donation amounts ($5, $25, $50, $100+, any amount really) these donations add up and go towards anyone that sees the post and wants to help by taking action, going to the shelter and rescuing the animal.  Almost all Code Red labelled animals have their adoption fees waived but if not these pledges go to the adoption fee, any medical/health/vet bills, food, supplies etc.  It is a great and easy way to get involved, with the huge plus being that you just helped save a life •••

Great Accounts to Follow on Instagram to Start Pledging (on Instagram):
 • @LAADOPT - Our favorite account to pledge. Supports Southern CA + LA based shelters. Dogs on death row
 @FREETHECHI - Brings attention to chihuahuas throughout the US who urgently need help
 @STANDUPFORPITSFOUNDATION - Foundation dedicated to saving the lives of Pit Bull breeds throughout the US

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