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Social media has been a powerful tool for animal rescues across the country.  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide rescues with the access to reach millions of people in a short amount of time, leaving lifesaving results.

We asked our Instagram friends for a list of the rescues that they follow and wanted to share the results.  These are a few rescue groups and individuals that are making a huge difference and changing the lives of both the people involved and the animals .  Clink each link below + give these a follow, it's a very easy way to become involved with the rescue world and make sure to read our previous post about The Power of Pledges so you can see how far $5, $20, $50 can go!

Follow + Become Involved


Marleys Mutts Rescue
• Marleys Mutts (@marleysmutts):  Southern CA rescue that is up to some pretty amazing things! They rescue and help dogs all over the state and most recently went to Asia to help stop the brutal dog meat eating festivals going on, saving a handful of dogs from a certain death + bringing them back to the US to live happy lives. Here is their popular Facebook page.


Humane Society of Utah Photo Booth
• Humane Society of Utah (@humanesocietyofutah):  These guys came up with a super creative way to gain awareness for the animals that they needed to get adopted out!  They started staging doggy photo-booth sessions and the results are nothing short of amazing.  This account + their photos will be sure to brighten your day!  


Harlow and Sage: Harlow and Friends Rescue
• Harlow and Friends (@harlowandfriends):  This account comes from the very popular account of Harlow and Sage (with a 1million follower base).  They share photos + stories of adoptable pets that need to find a home.


Urgent Dogs of Miami Dade
• Urgent Dogs of Miami (@urgentdogsofmiami):  This group posts daily pictures of animals in Miami, FL that are in dire need of being rescued!  Miami Dade Shelter is one of the most over populated shelters in the country and many of the dogs that enter this system only have 3 days before they are put down. This shelter relies a lot on pledges to help rescue the animals.  Remember that a little goes a long way!


Muttville Senior Rescue San Francisco
• Muttville Senior Dog Rescue (@muttvilleSF): Muttville's volunteers have huge hearts and work around the clock to save senior dogs around the San Francisco bay area.  They also work with pilots who volunteer their services to pick up seniors who are in risk of being put down and fly them back to SF where they are adopted out.  Muttville has a larger presence on their Facebook page.


• Love Leo Rescue (@loveleorescue): This LA based rescue works tirelessly to save animals around California and with the help of some famous followers (Nikki Reed, Emmy Rossum, moby etc.) They also take on my animals that are very sick and on the edge of death, neuturing them back to health with the help of their social media community. 


Susies Senior Dogs
• Susie Senior Dogs (@susiesseniordogs): They bring attention and awareness to overlooked and homeless senior dogs reposting pictures from rescues all across the country.  Many of the senior dogs they include have been overlooked for months due to their age.  They also keep their followers updated with heartwarming stories of the seniors being rescued. 

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