This month we headed over to the BC SPCA in Vancouver to donate 15+ of the softest, fuzziest faux fur blankets to all of the shelter animals.  We chatted with a lovely lady about the BC SPCA, their no kill policy (amazing!) &  had a little time to meet Ginger, a Pit Bull who was a complete sweet heart!  She posed for a few photos for us &  again made us realize exactly why we love to help out animals any way we can.   


A lot of people have asked us what are a few easy ways they can help rescues + shelters.   These organizations desperately need blankets, towels, leashes and toys so that these items don't have to come out of their funding for helping & rescuing the animals.  All of these items can be previously used as well, who does't have a few extra blankets + towels laying around their house? Blankets & toys not only keep the pups warm but it's proven to reduce stress + anxiety, which makes them more adoptable :) 

Thanks to all of you for your support, because of YOU we are able to do this!


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