We started our company in 2015 in Vancouver, BC from the ground up, designing, creating and formulating our products in our own home during the weekends and afterhours of our FT day jobs.

Our company quickly + organically grew throughout Canada during the following 7 years and we met amazing boutique store owners and customers who then turned into friends. We were met with nothing but kindness and support from customers and wellness fans all across the Country and it has been a journey that has helped us grow into this next stage of our business.

Reaching our Canadian customers directly has always been really challenging, primarily due to shipping. With very limited courier options in Canada and extremely high shipping costs that continue to rise we have made the difficult decision to close our Canadian distribution in Vancouver and have moved our remaining products to our California based studio + warehouse.

While we have closed our Canadian studio, we have now begin to offer seasonal shipping from California to Canada during the Spring to Fall months each year. This allows us to focus and grow our collection while offering more predictable shipping rates to our Canadian customers so you can now shop your fave Happy Spritz products again.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart for all of your support and kindness throughout the years and we hope that you follow our journey during this next exciting stage.

Michelle + Bram