The Guys Guide to Essential Oils

5 Essential Oils for Guys

More and more men are moving away from cologne and synthetic body sprays and are actively on the hunt for an natural alternative and for good reason! With the resurgence of essential oil products out on the market, the majority of the scents and oil combinations are still very feminine and female focused. This is one MAJOR we reasons why we decided to create Happy Spritz.

We put together our go to list of essential oils for men. Some of them because they are masculine in scent and some because the therapeutic benefits will help you relax after a long day... the opportunities are endless, so read on! 


1. Cedarwood - Cedarwood has a very masculine scent thanks to the woodsy aroma that comes from the wood pieces of the cedarwood tree. You will feel instantly feel like you have been transported to the mountains which can be great for dealing with stress.  This powerful essential oil is grounding, balancing, calming and also can be used as a natural insect repellant. 

If this scent combo appeals to you - check out our Woodsy Lumberjack face + body spray.

2. Spearmint
- This essential oil is our go to for athletes and active guys.

The menthol content in spearmint essential oil is great for its calming and soothing effect that it has on your muscles and nerves and the anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties of Spearmint make this a powerful disinfectant and natural cleaner.

Tip - Add a few drops to your sneakers to kill bacteria (and smell) and add 6-8 drops to a tablespoon of coconut oil and massage it into your sore muscles. 

If you don't time for DIYs then shop our Run Sweat Recover blend - we have already done the work for you.


3. Vetiver - Vetiver has a very smoky, earthy and rugged appeal to it but whats great about this essential oil is the ability it has to instantly calm the mind. If you are having troubles turing off your mind or sleeping at night rub a couple of drops of vetiver on to the bottom of your big toe and rub it in. I know, it sounds crazy, but trust me... it WORKS, you'll be out in no time! 

If you love the smell of a camp fire, then try our vetiver essential oil blend - Camp Fire Delight. 


4. Patchouli - This essential oil has a warm spiciness to it and has become one of our favorite oils to use. Granted, we weren't around in the sixties when this oil was all things hippy and Bob Dylan, but there are a ton of great functions that you can benefit from when using patchouli. It's uplifting and mood boosting, amazing for your skin, it helps with tension and is said to be an aphrodisiac (definitely not a negative, right?!).

Tip -  skip the cologne and add a drop of patchouli to your neck, collarbone or writs, it will go a long way and can often last for hours.

We have created a balanced blend that you will be sure to love- try our Rugged Gentleman if this scent combo appeals to you.


5. Eucalyptus - There is nothing that relieves tension faster than a whiff of eucalyptus essential oil. It's invigorating, cooling and soothing and is also known to have some powerful antibacterial properties to it.

Tip - add a couple of drops of eucalyptus to a damp wash cloth during your morning shower; cup it around your nose and breathe deeply. Also, try adding 5 drops to a tablespoon of coconut oil and rub it on your chest when you are suffering from a cold. 

If you like the sounds of eucalyptus then try our Breathe Deeply blend when you are on the go.



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