This Father's Day 2019 Gift Guide

We rounded up a few of our favorite essential oil gift ideas for every type of guy in your life


The Outdoorsy Dad
Woodsy Lumberjack will instantly transport his mind to the mountains. This blend is grounding, balancing and uplifting. A mix of cedarwood + fir essential oils, this is a favorite for those guys that love the great outdoors.

The Athletic Dad
Run Sweat Recover / Breathe Deeply / Namaste Ninja. These three blends are naturally antibacterial and cooling. Great for post workout + helps your mind and your muscles relax and recover.

The Cool, Calm and Collective Dad
Rugged Gentleman is perfect for the hip dad who seems to always have it together. This blend is spicy, sophisticated and subtle. A uplifting mix of patchouli + cardamom essential oils.  

The Travel Loving Dad
Breathe Deeply is a great option for the guy who is always on the go. Organic peppermint + eucalyptus essential oil is great for relieving stress. Use on long flights, during morning commutes or at the office.

Essential Oils for Guys | Happy Spritz


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