The Best Essential Oil Gifts for Mother's Day

Show Mama some love! Mother's Day 2019 is just around the corner and we put together the ultimate essential oil gift guide for that special mama, wife, sister or friend in your life.


Choose Happy Ceramic Diffuser - $86 (Currently 30% off - for a limited time only)

Our ceramic essential oil diffusers are a great way to bring fresh blooms and nature into your space without having to make a daily trip to the florist. The perfect gift to place in your bedroom, kitchen or office (for those mama's who work long hours). 

Essential Oil Ceramic Diffuser

Good Vibe Tribe Essential Oil Blend - $26

Good Vibe Tribe is a blend of therapeutic grade pure essentials oils that can be dropped into a diffuser or blended with her favorite carrier oil. This blend has a variety of essential oils in it (like Eucalyptus, rosemary, tea tree...) that will help clean the air in your space and clear your mind, giving your Mom the best vibes all day long. 
Good Vibe Tribe Essential Oil Blend

The Essentials Trio
 - $65
($75 value)

The Essentials Trio includes three of our Best Selling Spritz blends: Good Morning Beautiful, Breathe Deeply and Sweet Dreams Darling. All created for the busy Mama and designed to take her through the day, from morning to night. 
Essentials Trio by Happy Spritz

Good Karma - $25

Skip the bouquet of roses this year and gift her a bottle of Good Karma instead. This prized blend uses a mix of rosewater, aloe and organic peppermint essential oil which moisturizes and hydrates the skin. Who couldn't use a little bit of Good Karma in their life?

Good Karma Rosewater Spritz

Good Morning Beautiful Essential Oil Towelettes - $10

Our essential oil towelettes are the perfect gift for those busy Mothers that travel a lot. Good Morning Beautiful is a bright and uplifting blend of organic citrus essential oils that are known to energize and boost the mood. She can use them on the go: while on a commute, at the office, on the plane, after a yoga class... the options are endless. Try our Daily Essentials Trio - includes a mix of all three of our towelette blends ($30). 

Essential Oil Towelette | Good Morning Beautiful by Happy Spritz 


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