The Best Essential Oils to Use While WFH

The Best Essential Oils to Use While Working From Home

With the shift to remote working continuing to be on the rise, we created a list of the best essential oils to use while working from home. 


Organic Peppermint and Eucalyptus both help with mental clarity. These powerful essential oils are invigorating and stimulating and have been shown to help with memory. They're also great to combat stress... win win!

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Stress Relief:
This year is all about multi-tasking. Suddenly parents are having to be full time moms/dads, teachers, all while managing their career and homelife. Talk about stress! Lavender and Chamomile essential oils trigger your brain to calm down. These oils are relaxing and grounding so if you need a little mental break anytime of the day Spritz our Sweet Dreams Darling. Breathe Deeply is also amazing at combating stress and we love to keep that one on our desk or in the car to use to and from. 

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Mood Support:
Organic citrus, organic lemon, organic sweet orange, these are all considered happy oils. We can all use a little bit of help getting out of a slump, whether you have been extra tired each morning or if you hit a mid-day mental wall when 3pm comes around. Use our Good Morning Beautiful or Rugged Gentleman for an uplifting and energizing boost.

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