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Today marks the last day of the horrific Yulin dog eating festival that takes place in China each year, starting on June 20th (Summer solstice) and runs until June 30th. Tens of thousands of dogs and cats loose their life during this time, many being stolen family animals.

The Yulin Festival has really caught the attention of rescue groups, celebrities and activists around the world.

Marc Chung, the founder of Animal Hope & Wellness created this powerful video that is worth sharing.  During his trip to Asia, he was able to save 1000+ dogs and even shut down a handful of slaughterhouses.  Thank you Marc for being a voice, inspiration and proof that one single person CAN make a huge, positive change in this world!

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I dont understand how people can torture animals. They look to us for companionship love and protection and what do we do…. we betray them. It is horrendous. In this day and age for people to perpetrte this kind of crime against an8imals it must be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria Young February 17, 2019

My heart breaks at this awful Yulin Festival (if we can even call this barbaric act of animal cruelty a festival). Thank you so much for doing what you can to help this cause. I am also setting up ways for my Yoga business to give back to animals. Namaste x

Angela Elliott February 17, 2019

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