SO, HOW DO YOU SPRITZ EXACTLY?  We have developed our collection of essential oil sprays to take you through the day, from morning to night. All of our blends are primarily intended to be used as a face + body spritz throughout the day, but many of them have secondary functions or tips that we like to call out.

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For example, Sweet Dreams Darling is amazing as a facial spritz when you are needing to relax, however, it also can also be used on your pillows before bed and is both pet and kid friendly. Our Run Sweat Recover and Namaste Ninja, are both amazing on your face and body and also because of the antibacterial properties in the ingredients it is a great blend to use on your gym bag, yoga mat, sneakers, or anything else you want to help naturally clean.

Look on the product label for the specific function and use. Shake and Spritz (please don't spray our products directly in your eye!).

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WHAT ARE THE BEST SPRITZ TO START WITH?  We have created our Essentials Trio for women and our Gentlemen's Trio for all the guys out there, however all of our products are gender neutral and are made for everyone. We suggest starting with this set as it offers a large range of different benefits.

We want the introduction to essential oils to be easy for you which is why we created our line, and with our trio gift sets you can't go wrong.  All of our blends contain between 4-8 different essential oils, specifically formulated to take you through the day.


ARE YOUR PRODUCTS ALL NATURAL?  Yes! We use 100% natural, plant derived, steam distilled, therapeutic grade essential oils and a plant based preservative in our Spritz products. We also use (mostly organic) essential oils.  All of our products are vegan (cruelty free) + kosher too. All of the essential oils we do use (both organic + non-organic) are grown without the use of any chemicals or synthetic fertilizers and/or pesticides.

Our towelettes are also 100% plant based and use a couple of different natural preservatives to keep the PH levels safe for skin use and to keep bacteria away. For this reason our products must be kept in a cool environment. Avoid heat, direct sunshine otherwise the products can become compromised. The towelettes are also FSC Certified.


DO YOU TEST ON ANIMALS?  No way! We are huge animal lovers and advocates and would never test on animals. Our products are simple and pure it is very important to us to remain cruelty free. We are a part of Peta's Beauty without Bunnies program which is an excellent reference to use when shopping for other cruelty free beauty products. We are also Leaping Bunny Certified.

We also donate a portion of proceeds to different animal rescue organization across Canada and the US and you can read more about our efforts and our mission on our GIVING page.


HOW LONG DO YOUR PRODUCTS LAST?   All Happy Spritz products are truly all natural and we do not add any synthetic preservatives or alcohol to our blends. Because of this, we recommend that you use our Spritz products within 6-7 months of buying them. Our Towelettes are good to use within 1.5 years.

We have designed our dark amber bottles specifically to help natural preserve the products but you can help keep them fresh by keeping the bottles & towelettes away from direct sunlight and heat, store them at room temperature or below. You should never buy essential oil products that are not carried in dark bottles as this is one of the main ways to help preserve them.


WHERE DO YOU SOURCE YOUR INGREDIENTS FROM?  Happy Spritz products use the best, steam distilled essential oils available. We source our raw ingredients from aboth US and Canadian based suppliers and most of the actual essential oil ingredients are sourced from around the world, in the places that they naturally grow best. Many of the oils we use are organic.


WHAT ARE ESSENTIAL OILS?  Essential oils are the natural aromatic compounds and volatile liquids extracted from the leaves, flowers, roots, bark, seeds and other part of plants. They then go through a distillation process (we use steam distilled oils) that results in the purest plant part.  


ARE ESSENTIAL OILS SAFE DURING PREGNANCY?   It is always best to talk to your health care provider or doctor about using essential oils during your pregnancy and especially in your first trimester. 

While pregnant, avoid both internal and neat applications of essential oils... Neat means when you apply the essential oil directly to your skin without diluting it with a carrier oil or water (our products are already diluted, no so need to dilute them further). Always avoid rubbing any essential oils directly onto your belly. Read more about essential oil safety + pregnancy here


WHAT ABOUT USING ESSENTIAL OILS ON ANIMALS? Essential oils at a low dilution can be safe for dogs.  It is not recommended that you ever apply oils neat. Hydrosols, like our Happy Spritz sprays are just as effective and much less risky. Our lavender + chamomile blend, Sweet Dreams Darling is great for calming your dog on road trips or before you leave the house.  We also use our cedarwood + fir blend, Woodsy Lumberjack to naturally repel bugs when were are outside hiking or camping.

Essential oils and Cats do not mix and can be fatal so definitely avoid using on them or talk to your vet.  Cats are missing a liver enzyme that other mammals have which allows them to metabolize many constituents in essential oils.  


WHERE CAN I BUY YOUR PRODUCTS IN MY AREA?  We are sold at over 600 locations across the US and Canada. Please email us with your city, state and we can try to find a shop close to you! 


HOW SOON CAN I EXPECT MY ORDER? We ship out our products within 2-3 business days of placing an order (excluding holidays). We ship our products primarily with USPS and shipping time ranges between 2-6 business days (west coast up to 2-6 days and east coast up to 8-9 business days). We also offer express shipping options at checkout. Please let us know if you need an item rushed and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Email:


HOW CAN I UPDATE MY SHIPPING ADDRESS? If you need to make a change to the shipping address, please immediately email with your order number and correct shipping address. We cannot be held liable for incorrectly entered shipping addresses but will do our best to make this update as timely as possible.


MY PACKAGE SAYS IT WAS DELIVERED, BUT I DON'T HAVE IT YET! Some carriers prematurely mark a package delivered, or make the mistake by dropping it off at a neighbors place. Most times, carriers need about 48-72 hours to fix their mistake so we ask that you wait 3-4 days before emailing us to see if it shows up late. We also recommend checking with your building management, concierge, mailroom, or neighbors to see if they received the package for you. Please email us at and we will help you out from there.



We are SO sorry to hear that an item in your order is missing. Please reach out to us at within 48 hours of receiving your order with a photo of everything you received, as well as the packaging.


ARE YOUR PRODUCTS MADE IN THE US?  Yes! We make all of our Happy Spritz products in Southern California... just down the road from where we live.  


‚ÄĘ Processing orders¬†typically takes between¬†2-3¬†business days. We ship to Canada from California during the Spring-Fall seasons only (when temps are still above freezing).

‚ÄĘ Shipping speed can vary. We ship International Ground but we have no-control on border delays due to inspection or any other border hold ups.

‚ÄĘ Duties are not pre-paid and we do not have control over¬†Canada duty amount for any order.


How can I place a large one-time order (for wedding or corporate gifting)? We love that you're considering us for your event or gifting needs, so please direct your inquiry to with more information and we will see what we can do for you!



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Any other ?'s just shoot us an email and ask away!